The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association
The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

Several videos have spread on social media after allegations of rape and attempted murder of popular actress Parimani of Dhaka cinema.

There is a mixed reaction to these videos.

The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

In the analysis of these videos, many people are saying:

Complaining whether the opposite is getting stuck!

Another video of Dhaka top star bd Boat Club was spread on social media on Tuesday night. In the video, it is clear that Parimani is drinking voluntarily with everyone inside the club. Amy and Jimmy were with him.

As seen in the video, businessman Nasir U Mahmood tried to calm down the agitated girlfriend. In response, the Dhaliwood heroine abused Nasir Mahmood.

On the contrary, he told Nasir to leave.

The new video is being watched by law enforcement.

After the release of two videos of the Dhaka Boot Club and allegations of vandalism at the All European Club, many have pointed fingers at the bride.

Four days after the incident at the boat club at midnight on June 9, the status and press conference that Parimani described the incident that night, now there is not much to match with his statement, the source said.


In the statement of case, Parimani alleged that Nasir and Ami forced him to drink alcohol on the night of the incident.

When he did not want to drink, Nasir forced a bottle of wine into his mouth and tried to feed him.

However, no such scene was seen in the newly released video.

Investigators are getting information that Parimani has made false allegations of attempted rape by hiding the real incident.

Meanwhile, her colleagues initially expressed sympathy for her in the case of her fiance, but later saw some of her responsibility. Anger has arisen among many artists and producers in such a situation. Even if convicted, the heroine may be made to stand on the fence of several organizations in the film.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan, president of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association, told the media, “I am hearing a lot. However, it should be kept in mind that the case of the bride is under investigation. We are looking for justice. If the fairy is guilty, then an action will be taken organizationally. But that is with the artist association, jointly. ‘

No comment has been received from the Film Artists Association yet. However, the president of the association Misha Saudagar had made it clear a few days ago that it was not right to go to Parimani’s boat club so late at night.

On June 13, actress Parimani alleged rape and attempted murder in a status on her verified Facebook page. The next day, he filed a case with the Savar police station alleging attempted rape. On June 14, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police arrested accused Nasir U Mahmud and Tuhin Siddiqui Ami from a house in Uttara with drugs.

  1. On the other hand, the authorities of the All Community Club in Gulshan of the capital complained that the fairy had misbehaved and vandalized their club before the incident at the boat club. After that, a star couple’s ceremony at Banani Club was also vandalized.
  2. After that, in several videos, Parimani’s reckless life came up.
  3. top star
  4. “It’s not a few seconds of confusing obscure clips, I want the whole video, Parimani told the media. I have been saying from the beginning, to release CCTV footage inside the club. Although a few seconds are available, then there must be full footage. I request the concerned again: Please release the full footage. Let everyone know the truth of what happened that night.
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Haiti’s president killed in terrorist attack

Haiti's president killed in terrorist attack
Haiti’s president killed in a terrorist attack



Haitian President Jovenal Moisi has been killed in a terrorist attack on his home.

Haiti’s president killed in a terrorist attack

Haiti’s caretaker Prime Minister Claude Joseph made the announcement in a statement,

according to a BBC report on Wednesday.
Claude Joseph said unidentified gunmen stormed the president’s private residence in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, around 1 a.m. local time.

The First Lady was also reportedly injured in the attack.
Jovenal Moisi, 53, has been president of Haiti since February 2016.

He was accused of corruption.

There were also violent anti-government protests in the country.

  for details

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‘Unusual’ death of Figo-Ronaldo’s former teammate


Unusual' death of Figo-Ronaldo's former teammate
Unusual’ death of Figo-Ronaldo’s former teammate


It cannot be said that he was a big star.

He has always had to be in the shadow of other goalkeepers.

Sometimes in Portugal, sometimes in the Netherlands’ Rud Hesp or Spain’s Pepe Reina — Frances Arnau has always been their ‘deputy’ goalkeeper in Barcelona.

Unusual’ death of Figo-Ronaldo’s former teammate

Arnau, who spent five years in Barcelona, ​​has not left the world this time.
Arnaud was only 48 years old at the time of his death. He started his career as a football administrator after taking off his gloves.

Most recently, he was the sports director of Real Oveido.

The news of Ornau’s death was first reported by Oveido on their Twitter account.

The cause of death is not yet clear.

In his 16-year professional career, he played for Malaga in addition to Barcelona.

Although he has never played for the Spanish national team, he has played regularly for the under-21 team.

When he was in Barcelona, ​​besides Baia-Hesp-Reina, he had teammates like Ronaldo Nazario, Luis Figo, Rivaldo, Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Hulen Lopetegi.

Arnau has been Real Oveido’s sports director since 2019. Earlier, he was in the same position in Malaga.

After taking charge in Malaga in 2015, he has played many roles in the club’s youth project.
Not only that, a few days ago there was an opportunity to return home to the son of the house.

Barcelona’s newly elected president, Juan Laporta, is rumored to be returning to Camp Nou as technical secretary, but his plans have not materialized.

It will never see the light of day again.

Now that the light of Arnaur’s life has gone out!

Bangladesh in the final of the World Cup

Bangladesh has made a splash in the ongoing World Cup Archery Stage Two in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Roman Sana and Dia Siddiqui took Bangladesh to the final in the recurve mixed event.
The two Bangladeshis lost to Canada 5-3 in the final.

Bangladesh’s opponent in the gold fight next Sunday is the Netherlands.

Bangladesh in the final of the World Cup

Roman and Dia gave a surprise gift after a day of surprises in Lausanne today.

Bangladesh, the 16th team in the rankings, has lost to the leading countries.

In the first round, they lost to No. 16 ranked Iran 5-3.
Bangladesh showed the biggest surprise in the second round.
In the fight to reach the quarter-finals, Bangladesh’s opponent was No.

1 ranked Germany.
But the Germans flew 5-1 in front of Bangladesh.
There has been a fierce battle to reach the semi-finals.
In this fight, Bangladesh lost to Spain which is in the 9th position by 5-4 sets.
And in the fight to reach the final, Canada, which is ranked 12th, could not take advantage in front of Bangladesh.

Earlier, Roman and Dia could not do well in the personal recurve event yesterday.
Roman had to stop the boys’ singles in the third round.
Dia lost in the second round.
However, they came in a mixed duo and gave a surprise gift.

Where Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are so fascinated
Where Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are so fascinated


Happy birthday Melinda. I want to dance the rhythm of life together like this for many more years. ‘
Bill Gates wrote this on August 15, 2017, by posting a picture of himself with Melinda Gates on social media Facebook. Not even five years later.
They have announced to end 26 years of family life.

Where Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are so fascinated

  • Not just that post five years ago.
    On February 14, 2020, on Valentine’s Day, Bill posted a picture of himself with Melinda and expressed his love for her.
    Then a little over a year and two months passed.
    After such an expression of love, the question has arisen in the minds of many, where did Bill-Melinda suddenly become so fascinated with each other?
    The two tied the house in love.
    Melinda joined Microsoft in 1986 as a product manager. Melinda and Bill Gates met at a company dinner in New York the same year.
    Then they fell in love for a long time.
    They got married in 1994.
    They have three children.
    The Gates Foundation was formed by the two of them for human welfare.
    The sudden announcement of the end of the 26-year-old walk together has raised many questions in the minds of many
    Before Bill and Melinda announced their separation in a statement on Twitter last Monday, no one even thought that such a breakdown could come in Bill-Melinda’s family.
    A couple of weeks ago, the two were seen together in a virtual meeting.
    But the pair stunned everyone on Twitter on Monday.
    They became an example of a long-married life.
    They used to talk about loving each other whenever they got an opportunity.
    He also used to say that he would stay by his side for life.
    That’s what Bill Gates, who is active on social media, said.
    Bill Gates has always been very serious about marriage and family.
    Their wife Melinda Gates was more important in his life.
    In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates said that getting married was the best decision of his life.
    And although Microsoft has made a big contribution in his life, it is at number 2.
    People didn’t get a hint of tension between the two.
    Bill Gates posted funny pictures of the two celebrating Melinda’s birthday in 2016.
    There he wrote to Melinda,
    ‘I am the luckiest person in the world to have you by my side.
    Just what a birthday! Gates did not forget to praise the people he loves on Valentine’s Day. “I can’t ask for a better partner in this life,” she wrote on Facebook on Valentine’s Day last year.

Gates also praised his child’s mother on Mother’s Day.
Posting a picture of the family on May 14, 2016, he wrote, “Being a parent with you is the greatest joy of my life.”

On Melinda’s birthday in 2019, Bill Gates posted a picture of the two being close and wrote, “Happy birthday to my dearest man.

Bill Gates also liked to follow Melinda.
Bill Gates wrote in a Facebook post on May 22 last year that Melinda Gates advised him to read a book called ‘The Choice‘.
He gladly accepted it.
The 26-year-old’s life was suddenly interrupted.
Why did the two suddenly separate? No one has talked about it yet.

Jennifer, 25, is the eldest of the Gates couple’s three children.
His brother Rory is 22 years old.
And 19-year-old Phoebe is the youngest.
Jennifer says the whole family is having a hard time announcing the divorce.

Where Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are so fascinated

Bill Gates and Melinda announce separation
Bill Gates and Melinda announce separation


Bill Gates and Melinda have announced the end of their 27-year marriage.
They made the announcement in a Twitter message.
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world.

Bill Gates and Melinda announce separation


Bill and Melinda formed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
The foundation is working in different parts of the world.
The foundation is spending billions of dollars to fight infectious diseases and encourage children to be vaccinated around the world.

Citing the announcement of the separation of Bill and Melinda, the British media quoted the BBC as saying,

“We no longer believe that we can be a couple together.”

They have known each other since Melinda joined Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft, in the late eighties.
They have three children.
According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates is the fourth richest person in the world.
His net worth is ৪ 124 billion.
He is involved in the ‘The Giving Pledge’ initiative with Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world.
The goal of this initiative is to use a large portion of the wealth of the world’s top rich for charity.
According to the BBC, Bill Gates co-founded the world’s largest software company in the seventies.
He became the owner of this property through this organization.

  • “We’ve had three great children in the last 27 years,” Bill and Melinda said in a Twitter message.
    We have built a foundation that works to make people around the world healthier and more capable.
    The faith from which we started the journey of that foundation will remain.
    We will continue the work of this foundation together.
    But we can no longer believe that we can be together as a couple later in life.
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Social media users in Switzerland

                                  Switzerland social media

                                     Social media users in Switzerland

4 478 000

Facebook takes its first small steps into the world of cloud gaming - The Verge

2 687 0006 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Buy Instagram Followers

2 304 700

Facebook Messenger: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Facebook Messenger | The Economic Times

                                                          3 010 000

6 LinkedIn tips to make your profile pop | CIO




Switzerland of soothing beauty

Switzerland of soothing beauty
Switzerland of soothing beauty

I’ve been on the road twice before; But then it was not so thoroughly seen.

Because we would go to another place to see a place.

Switzerland of soothing beauty

If you drive yourself, you have to pay attention to driving; Separately, it does not become so enjoyable then.

By the way, train travel is the most expensive in Switzerland.

But comfortable and safe.

The train journey is also incomparable for seeing with two eyes.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, natural beauty, there is no substitute for a train to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland; Because to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature outside by riding the train and cable car on the slopes of the hill, is like being thrilled!

best beauty full county  of Switzerland

You will think then, I came to this wonderful world!
As I rise above the ground, I feel as if I am witnessing an unprecedented union of the sky, clouds, and mountain peaks! I am returning home with a happy chapter of peace in my eyes and mind.

From there I took the train again to Wangen and Lauterbrunnen.

These places are also known as tourist-friendly areas.
Wandering around all day, I arrived in the evening by train from Interlaken to the capital city of Bern; After dinner, we arrived in Geneva by train at one o’clock in the morning. Let me say here, we didn’t have to buy any more tickets for this day trip.

This is how our day trip ends with one ticket.

We cut down mountains, fill rivers, destroy nature and build our own habitats; But here it is just the opposite.

How natural and secluded the life of the people of Switzerland is, one cannot believe it without seeing it with one’s own eyes.

Duplex house in the deep forest, surrounded by various palm orchards including grapes, apples, kiwis.

  1. Cultivate their habitat or land according to the slope or shape of the hill, But they do not do the slightest harm to nature.
    Anyone can come to visit Switzerland.
  2. This will require a tourist visa.
  3. And he will need adequate financial consistency; With previous foreign travel, records will be very helpful in this case.
  4. Even then, getting a Swiss visa from Bangladesh is a bit troublesome.

However, you can easily travel to Switzerland with a Schengen visa for any EU country, such as France and Portugal.

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The beach will be connected to the first dead whale

The beach will be connected to the first dead whale
The beach will be connected to the first dead whale

The dead whale that floated on Himchhari beach in Cox’s Bazar on Friday has been dumped on the beach day and night.

However, after two months, the whales should be re-connected twice.

On the third day, the whales were relocated to Pune, RAB Shoval Law Cox’s Bazar South Forest Department, and Marine Location Center.

The beach will be connected to the first dead whale

Suddenly a half-ton-covered blue whale smells bad. Yesterday morning, this 40-foot-long whale floated in the waters of victory. It has position marks on its body.
Cox’s Bazar District Magistrate. Amin al-Parvez said the dead whale was stinking. Last night your dinner was thrown on the Himachari colleague shelf. Numbers are not given.

The whale should be connected to the place twice after two months of conservation
Himchhari midwife (in-charge) Mizanul Haque said the whale benefited from the all-India tide yesterday.

At four o’clock on Wednesday at noon, the zamindar’s whale floated into the sea, caught fish, and tied a thick rope to its tail. At night the rice started to be cut into pieces by the dog and thrown on the shelf.

Because the stench from the fish goddess has fallen on the roof.
Ashraful Haque, a scientific researcher involved in the Marine Space Institute Cox’s Bazar, said the whale died 10 to 15 days ago.

  1. This is a blue whale.
  2. This whale does not start.
  3. Dead whale body samples were collected last night.
  4. The report from Maynard reports how the whale night came
  5. Madhya department officials say the whale maybe around 20 years old.
  6. The whale is 40 feet long and seven feet happy. Its skin begins to rot.
  7. The stench was spreading
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