The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association
The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

Several videos have spread on social media after allegations of rape and attempted murder of popular actress Parimani of Dhaka cinema.

There is a mixed reaction to these videos.

The heroine Parimanikande said what the president of the Film Directors Association

In the analysis of these videos, many people are saying:

Complaining whether the opposite is getting stuck!

Another video of Dhaka top star bd Boat Club was spread on social media on Tuesday night. In the video, it is clear that Parimani is drinking voluntarily with everyone inside the club. Amy and Jimmy were with him.

As seen in the video, businessman Nasir U Mahmood tried to calm down the agitated girlfriend. In response, the Dhaliwood heroine abused Nasir Mahmood.

On the contrary, he told Nasir to leave.

The new video is being watched by law enforcement.

After the release of two videos of the Dhaka Boot Club and allegations of vandalism at the All European Club, many have pointed fingers at the bride.

Four days after the incident at the boat club at midnight on June 9, the status and press conference that Parimani described the incident that night, now there is not much to match with his statement, the source said.


In the statement of case, Parimani alleged that Nasir and Ami forced him to drink alcohol on the night of the incident.

When he did not want to drink, Nasir forced a bottle of wine into his mouth and tried to feed him.

However, no such scene was seen in the newly released video.

Investigators are getting information that Parimani has made false allegations of attempted rape by hiding the real incident.

Meanwhile, her colleagues initially expressed sympathy for her in the case of her fiance, but later saw some of her responsibility. Anger has arisen among many artists and producers in such a situation. Even if convicted, the heroine may be made to stand on the fence of several organizations in the film.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan, president of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association, told the media, “I am hearing a lot. However, it should be kept in mind that the case of the bride is under investigation. We are looking for justice. If the fairy is guilty, then an action will be taken organizationally. But that is with the artist association, jointly. ‘

No comment has been received from the Film Artists Association yet. However, the president of the association Misha Saudagar had made it clear a few days ago that it was not right to go to Parimani’s boat club so late at night.

On June 13, actress Parimani alleged rape and attempted murder in a status on her verified Facebook page. The next day, he filed a case with the Savar police station alleging attempted rape. On June 14, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police arrested accused Nasir U Mahmud and Tuhin Siddiqui Ami from a house in Uttara with drugs.

  1. On the other hand, the authorities of the All Community Club in Gulshan of the capital complained that the fairy had misbehaved and vandalized their club before the incident at the boat club. After that, a star couple’s ceremony at Banani Club was also vandalized.
  2. After that, in several videos, Parimani’s reckless life came up.
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  4. “It’s not a few seconds of confusing obscure clips, I want the whole video, Parimani told the media. I have been saying from the beginning, to release CCTV footage inside the club. Although a few seconds are available, then there must be full footage. I request the concerned again: Please release the full footage. Let everyone know the truth of what happened that night.
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