The way Jack Ma, made the impossible possible

The way Jack Ma made the impossible possible
The way Jack Ma made the impossible possible

Jack Ma, the founder of the world-famous multinational company Alibaba, has come a long way in the beginning.

He has set up an organization worth USD 42 trillion despite repeated failures.

The way Jack Ma, made the impossible possible

In a speech to young African entrepreneurs on August 20, 2016, he spoke about his struggles and gave inspiration. You can read excerpts from Jack Marr’s speech in Nairobi, Kenya
The work of entrepreneurs
I always believe that if you see that there is a way forward, it means that you are late.

The job of entrepreneurs is to discover new ways. If everything was in my hands, maybe Alibaba wouldn’t have been born.

I didn’t have money, I failed three times in university, my parents were very poor, there was no chance at all.

Start barrier
When I started the business in 1994, many people said that Jack was lying.

There is no such thing as the internet.

I went to register the name of my organization. Officials there said, what kind of organization do you want to start?

I said Hanzo Internet Consulting Company. They said, the Internet?

There is no such word in our dictionary.

They could not register my organization.

When I finally registered my organization, there was still no internet in China.

Three months after my organization started, the Internet came to China.
Impossible when possible
I did not lie, I invited the people on television to my house to prove it.

Remember, the first page in the browser took three and a half hours to download.

Really! Back then no one believed in the internet, no one believed in e-commerce.

No one even thought that e-commerce is possible in China.

There was no technical support, no credit cards.

When we started the journey to my apartment with 16 associates, our goal was much bigger.

That said, we will be one of the top 10 Internet-based organizations or websites in the world.

I said, our organization will last at least 102 years.

  1. But I still did not know where to pay next month’s salary. If you have dreams in your eyes, you never feel poor.
  2. We didn’t say we would win tomorrow.
  3. Didn’t say we will succeed in the next year.
  4. I said, in the next 20 years we will reach the desired goal.
  5. Alibaba is 19 years old.
  6. Yes, we are now one of the top 10 Internet-based organizations in the world.
  7. 19 years ago, no one could have imagined that a Chinese company could be one of the top 10 technology companies in the world.
  8. If you don’t dream, don’t start working, it will never be possible.
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