New decision to allow women police to wear hijab in New Zealand

নিউজিল্যান্ডে নারী পুলিশদের হিজাব পরার অনুমতি
নিউজিল্যান্ডে নারী পুলিশদের হিজাব পরার অনুমতিNew Zealand made a new decision.
The government has introduced the hijab as the official uniform of the police.
News from BBC, New Zealand Herald, Vice, and Mothership.
According to the report, newly appointed constable Gina Ali will officially implement the decision by wearing hijab for the first time.
New decision to allow women police to wear hijab in New Zealand

New Zealand police say the move is aimed at bringing more Muslim women into the profession.
New Zealand is a shining example of barbaric secularism.
The country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardan has always tried to protect minorities like Muslims.

  1. The hijab is recognized as an official uniform in the police departments of several regions in England.
    These include the Metropolitan Police in London and Police Scotland.
  2. In the UK, the Metropolitan Police allowed the use of the hijab in 2006.
    Police Scotland follow the same path after 10 years. Maha Shukkar, a female member of the Victoria Police in Australia, made history in 2004 after wearing the hijab.
  3. New Zealand police say they have been wearing the hijab for two years.
  4. Ali was born in Fiji as the first member to wear the hijab. As a child, he immigrated to New Zealand.
  5. He decided to go to the police after the attack on the Christchurch mosque.
  6. He told the New Zealand Herald, I am very happy to have the hijab in official uniform. I hope many Muslim women will come to this profession.
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