Switzerland of soothing beauty

Switzerland of soothing beauty
Switzerland of soothing beauty

I’ve been on the road twice before; But then it was not so thoroughly seen.

Because we would go to another place to see a place.

Switzerland of soothing beauty

If you drive yourself, you have to pay attention to driving; Separately, it does not become so enjoyable then.

By the way, train travel is the most expensive in Switzerland.

But comfortable and safe.

The train journey is also incomparable for seeing with two eyes.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, natural beauty, there is no substitute for a train to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland; Because to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature outside by riding the train and cable car on the slopes of the hill, is like being thrilled!

best beauty full county  of Switzerland

You will think then, I came to this wonderful world!
As I rise above the ground, I feel as if I am witnessing an unprecedented union of the sky, clouds, and mountain peaks! I am returning home with a happy chapter of peace in my eyes and mind.

From there I took the train again to Wangen and Lauterbrunnen.

These places are also known as tourist-friendly areas.
Wandering around all day, I arrived in the evening by train from Interlaken to the capital city of Bern; After dinner, we arrived in Geneva by train at one o’clock in the morning. Let me say here, we didn’t have to buy any more tickets for this day trip.

This is how our day trip ends with one ticket.

We cut down mountains, fill rivers, destroy nature and build our own habitats; But here it is just the opposite.

How natural and secluded the life of the people of Switzerland is, one cannot believe it without seeing it with one’s own eyes.

Duplex house in the deep forest, surrounded by various palm orchards including grapes, apples, kiwis.

  1. Cultivate their habitat or land according to the slope or shape of the hill, But they do not do the slightest harm to nature.
    Anyone can come to visit Switzerland.
  2. This will require a tourist visa.
  3. And he will need adequate financial consistency; With previous foreign travel, records will be very helpful in this case.
  4. Even then, getting a Swiss visa from Bangladesh is a bit troublesome.

However, you can easily travel to Switzerland with a Schengen visa for any EU country, such as France and Portugal.

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